The prosecution is requesting national security investigations into a terrorist arrest incident that infiltrated the country


The Southern Cairo Accident Prosecution, under the supervision of Counselor Tariq Diauddin, the Public Prosecutor for Public Prosecutions, continues today, Tuesday, its extensive investigations into the incident of seizing Syrian nationality, accusing him of carrying terrorist plans and infiltration into the country illegally.

The prosecution requested investigations by the national security services about the suspect’s activity, the way he entered the country and the groups he communicated with, and also ordered the accused to be imprisoned for 15 days pending investigations, and to arrest and bring his fleeing brother.
Secret information was received for the Department of Ancient Egypt, according to which two Syrian nationals infiltrated the country illegally, and rented a furnished apartment in the area of ​​the department’s department. Ibrahim Karam, Ahmed Abu Al-Makarem, and Muhammad Atef, Department of Investigation aides.
On examination and investigation, it was found that the defendants are each of “Mohamed F.” and his brother “F.”, who are unemployed and holds the first passport without visas or seals and entered the country two years illegally through Sudan. By searching the apartment, a number of books were found inciting terrorism and riots. The first suspect was arrested, and the security services are intensifying their efforts to arrest his fleeing brother.
The necessary minutes of the incident shall be drawn up, and the Public Prosecution shall conduct the investigations that decided the foregoing.

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