The pubg mobile game has quadrupled its profits due to one of the countries it recognizes


Despite the decline in the level of the mobile game at times, as is the case with the rest of the electronic games, it is without a doubt one of the most prominent marks of electronic games specialized in fighting, and this is not a word sent, but it is confirmed by the numbers announced by the company and the sites specialized in monitoring statistics The Buggy Mobile game was considered one of the most profitable games last December with an amazing profit rate which reached four times its profits at the same time in 2018.

Amazing profit for the mobile game

The credit for achieving amazing profits for the game is due to the state of China, as 58% of these profits were sourced from the players in China, in exchange for Americas participation by only 6%, while Japan participated with 3%, knowing that studies indicated that there is a decline A large number of players at the global level, in return for its increase at the local level, as it was pointed out that the game did not appear at all in the tallest profitable applications on the Android operating system, as most of its players are users of the iPhone.

Buggy Mobile game

The Chinese company, Tencent, which is working on developing the mobile phone game, owns the second-ranked game in the same list, which is King’s Honor, which has won profits estimated at 139 million dollars, of which 98% of it is returned to players from China as well, indicating that the number of Players in the Chinese gaming market will control a large number of games at present.


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