The Public Prosecutor refers the perpetrator of the “Kafr El Dawar massacre” to a criminal trial


04:24 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecutor has ordered the accused, Sharif Abdullah Rajab Muhammad al-Zayyat, to be imprisoned for an urgent criminal trial, for premeditated premeditated murder of an entire family and setting him ablaze in their home on January 5th.

The Public Prosecution had received a notification that seven deceased members of one family had been found inside their house, and members of it had moved to debate the bodies and inspect the crime scene. Investigations into the incident, its circumstances and circumstances.

Forensic medicine doctors confirmed that there were injuries to all the deceased except for a child among them, and that their death – without the last child – was due to stabbing and segmental injuries and the burns associated with them; ; Forensic Experts cut off the fire as a result of contacting a burning source with its starting area with the use of accelerated ignition materials such as rice straw.

The Public Prosecutor ordered that the accused be brought and brought after the investigations of the researcher revealed him; and by questioning him, he confessed that he had committed the crime out of theft because of his financial distress;

He was taken into custody for an urgent criminal trial, scheduled for the twenty-eighth of this month.

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