The reactions of the second secondary students differ on the difficulty of the English exam


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Nearly 500,000 students in the second year of high school performed the modified evaluation system to perform the first foreign language exam electronically via tablets, and students were able to access the electronic exam platform after entering the code received by the school, while about 140,000 students began performing the same paper test The lack of a complete technological infrastructure in 300 public and private schools.

The first foreign language exam included 27 of them (20 multiple-choice questions and 7 essay questions), and the second-year secondary students exchanged pictures of the English language exam via tablets about half an hour after the commission started, and the pages of “Second Secondary Students 2020” started circulation Questions and find answers to them.

The Central Operations Room of the Ministry of Education began tracking the images circulated to verify their authenticity, reveal their source and implement the fraud law on those responsible.

The reactions between the students differed about the ease of the examination between the paper and the electronic, and the delay in entering a number of students on the exam platform was in a state of anger in some Giza schools.

The students stressed the difficulty of the exam questions in the anger of the students, especially the translation questions, the Bragraph, and the piece on free reading. A number of female students entered into a state of tears during answering the exam questions, and they are above the average student level.

Abeer Ahmed, founder of the “Egyptian Mothers Union for the Advancement of Education” campaign, said that the exam for the first foreign language subject for the second year of secondary school with the new secondary system came at the distinguished student level and opinions about it varied among students.

She added, in press statements, that the second-year students of the secondary school confirmed the difficulty of asking the piece and the question of the Bragraf, while the rest of the exam questions were at the average student level, explaining that some students confirmed that the questions are incapable, along with complaints of their children’s delay in opening the exam on the tablet, which lost them Half an hour of time, required to calculate the duration of the exam since it was opened on the tablet device, in order to obtain his full time and to achieve the principle of equal opportunities.

It denounced the leaking of the exam on the pages of the social media, demanding the Ministry of Education to tighten and monitor the exams in schools and hold the wrong accountable.

For his part, Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Tariq Shawky, said that the ministry is witnessing the largest electronic exams in the country’s history and that more than half a million students are examining efficiently, explaining that the percentage of cheating has shrunk from the past and before the application of the electronic system and electronic tests.

He added, in press statements, that cases of fraud are not called diversion and are confined to a committee that was seized from thousands of committees, saying: “To leave all this and make the information and news about the cheater of half a million respected students is an overlook of work, effort and distortion of the truth of the brilliant success of the Ministry and the development system.”

He said, “Let us focus on what is achieved and remember that the percentage of fraud was huge and we should not talk about fraud as if it was news, explaining that the ministry provides a service to those who wanted to learn and others bear the result of their choices.” Noting that there is a breakthrough and progress in the system of exams and questions and cases of fraud are minimal and the ministry is following it .

On Tuesday, the first year secondary students perform the paper exam in biology, while the second year high school students perform the exam electronically in the subjects of philosophy, logic and biology.

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