The reason for her lack of cooperation with her brother and the secret of her father’s burial … Innas tales


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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

Today, the artist Inas Makki celebrates her 47th birthday, as she was born on this day January 14 of 1973 in the Algerian city of Ouargla in the northeast of the country.

In the following report, Masrawy monitors information about the artist.

She was born to an Egyptian mother and an Algerian father, and she grew up in Egypt with her Egyptian family following the separation of her parents.

– She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Cairo University, and started the artwork as an advertising girl.

She emerged as an actress in the 1990s through the roles of seduction.

– She starred in the American role in the series “I will not live in the djellaba of Abi”, which is considered one of her most famous roles, as she was famous for the phrase “Mister Haj Abdul Ghafour”, which she was telling the late Nour Al Sharif in the series.

– She worked in the series “Dream and Pain” and “Aalam Ya Hooh”, and also worked in theater in the “Madness of Humans” play, and in the movies in the films “Fish and Four Piasters”, “Riklam” and “Respected but a Quarter”.

– The older sister of the artist Ahmed Makki, and she has a younger brother named “Abdulaziz”.

– She cooperated with her brother in the first movie directed by “The Seventh Sense”, but the cooperation was not repeated.

– Her grief was silenced after the death of her father last October, and she decided not to participate in his burial in the United Arab Emirates, because of the fear for the workers with her play “Magic of Dreams” because they are the owners of daily wages, and she said that her father taught her responsibility and preserve the rights of people, especially the simple ones, so it was necessary She must not travel to funeral his body to his last resting place, and she is satisfied with the emotional participation with her three sisters, so that the play does not stop and the interests of these workers are suspended.

– She said on the “Mega Star” program, that her closest character to her heart is the character of “Heidi” in the movie “The Seventh Sense”, explaining that Makki as a director was able to control it, describing him with multiple talents, and able to succeed in everything.

– She stated that her conversations with her brother are mostly about animals and dogs, noting that there are no differences between them.

– She said that the reason she did not work in her brother’s films was the lack of a suitable figure for her in his works, explaining that when I needed her in the movie “The Seventh Sense” he asked her to do so. The


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