The recent Renaissance Dam negotiations have put Ethiopia in real trouble


The engineer, Diaa Al-Qousi, a former consultant to the Ministry of Irrigation, said the latest negotiations about The Renaissance Dam gave the Egyptian negotiator an enormous opportunity to place the points above the letters, which in turn put Ethiopia in a real dilemma, because Egypt offered many solutions during the negotiations in which many experiences from the world participated.

“Al-Qousi” added, during televised remarks, on Tuesday evening, that the Nile is an international river and sovereignty over it is a matter that belongs to Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia together. Others on the Blue Nile, other than the Renaissance Dam.

He explained that the preparation of 3 other dams on the Blue Nile means that all the silt of the Nile River will stand in front of the Renaissance Dam, and this means that the life of the Renaissance Dam is short because it will be filled with silt in a short period.

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