The release of 3 Egyptians and 2 Turks from Anatolia and their deportation outside the country


The Public Prosecutor ordered the release of three Egyptians, with a financial guarantee of ten thousand pounds, and the release of two Turkish citizens, to be handed over to the Turkish embassy and the administrative side, and to do so quickly towards their travel abroad.The prosecution had interrogated the aforementioned, against the background of its investigations into the Turkish Anatolia Agency.

The Ministry of the Interior announced the disclosure of the plans of the terrorist Brotherhood and the countries that support it, which aim to harm the country and destroy its pillars and penetrate the internal front … where the National Security Sector monitored the undertaking of one of the Turkish electronic media committees to take one of the apartments in the Bab al-Luq area as a center for its adverse activity under the cover of (SITA) ) For the studies established by the terrorist Brotherhood with the support of the state of Turkey by preparing negative reports that include false and fabricated information on the political, economic, security and legal conditions and sending them to the agency’s headquarters in Turkey with the aim of distorting the image of the country at the two levels For me, both internally and externally .. As the information confirmed, Turkish / Idogan Osman Qalak (runaway) and some Turkish and Brotherhood elements took over the management of the electronic committee headquarters in the country.

Following the permission of the Supreme State Security Prosecution, the aforementioned headquarters was targeted, as it was possible to control:

1. The Turkish / Helmy Moamen Moustafa Balghi (Financial Director).

2. Brothers / Hussein Abdel Fattah Muhammad Abbas (Administrative Director).

3. Brother / Hussein Mahmoud Ragab El-Kabany (disc official).

4. Brotherhood / Abdel Salam Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim (Assistant Financial Director).

Many computers, mobile phones and some sums of money were also found in local and foreign currencies.

Legal measures have been taken, and the SSSC is investigating.

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