The Renaissance Dam: a tentative agreement and a new date for consultations in Washington


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The US Treasury announced, on Wednesday evening, that a draft agreement has been reached AlNahda dam Between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

The foreign ministers and water resources of the three countries and their delegations met with the Secretary of the Treasury and the President of the World Bank, who participated as observers, in the American capital, Washington, during the period from January 13 to 15 January to discuss all the details related to the dam.

The ministers also noted during the meeting the progress made in the four technical meetings between the Ministers of Water Resources and the previous two meetings in Washington, the results of those meetings and their joint commitment to reach a comprehensive, sustainable and mutually beneficial agreement on the mobilization and operation of the Renaissance Dam.

They pointed out that the process of filling and filling the dam will be implemented in stages and in an adaptive and cooperative manner that takes into account the hydrological conditions of the Blue Nile and the potential impact of the mobilization on the reservoirs in the riverbed, pointing out that it was agreed that the mobilization will take place during the rainy season, in general from July to August, It will continue in September according to certain conditions.

Details of the draft agreement

To that, the ministers emphasized that the initial filling stage should be available to a level of 595 meters above sea level, while providing appropriate mitigation measures for Egypt and Sudan in the event of severe drought during this stage.

It was agreed that the subsequent stages of filling will be implemented according to an agreed mechanism, determined according to the hydrological conditions of the Blue Nile in a manner that addresses the goals of filling in Ethiopia and provides electricity generation to it, and provides appropriate mitigation measures for Egypt and Sudan during long periods of years of drought and drought for a long period.

Effective coordination mechanism

The ministers also agreed on an effective coordination mechanism for settling disputes, and that there is a shared responsibility between the three countries in managing drought and prolonged drought.

They agreed to meet again in Washington on January 28 and 29 to finalize a comprehensive agreement on filling and operating that there will be technical and legal discussions in the interim period.

The foreign ministers of the three countries stressed the importance of cross-border cooperation in developing the Blue Nile to improve the lives of the peoples of their countries, and their shared commitment to concluding an agreement.

From the Renaissance Dam (archive)
From the Renaissance Dam (archive)

The US President, Donald Trump, met Tuesday evening with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Water Resources, and Irrigation in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan on the sidelines of Renaissance Dam negotiations That took place in Washington.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry stated that negotiations resumed around the rules for filling and operating the dam, as meetings were held under the chairmanship of the US Treasury Secretary, Stephen Manuchin, in addition to several meetings at the technical level to discuss the details of the filling and operating rules, including the measures that Ethiopia must take during these two stages to reduce Effects of drought and prolonged drought.

To that, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, expressed his country’s appreciation for the American President’s interest in this vital file and the constructive effort undertaken by the American Treasury Secretary and his assistant team, stressing Egypt’s readiness to continue negotiating with a view to reaching a fair and balanced agreement that would achieve the interests of the three countries, preserve their rights and secure the interests of his country Watercolor.

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