The Rock skips the billion dollar bill with Jumanji: The Next Level


He achieved the second part of a film series Jumanji, Which was brought up under the name “Jumanji: The Next Level”, Revenues reached 671 million and 427 thousand US dollars around the world, since it was released on December 13 last year in various theaters around the world, so that the film exceeded its production cost by 5 times, reaching a budget of 125 million US dollars.

And his revenue was divided between 257 million and 900 thousand dollars in the United States of America, and 413 million and 527 thousand US dollars in revenue around the world. Jumanji: The Next Level Revenue of approximately 59 million US dollars in the opening film in the United States of America,

A number of stars participated in the championship, the most prominent of them Dwayne JohnsonKaren Gillan, Lobby Cannaval, Miss Pyle, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black, world star Nick Jonas and others have joined the new part of the series.

The movie belongs to the adventure and comedy category, produced by Sony Film Studios, and the production cost of the first part of the series, which came out under the name Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle “”$ 90 Million, written by duo Scott Rosenberg and Rick Summers, directed by Jack Cassdan, was released in 2017..

The events of the last part took place in a framework of imagination and suspense, around 4 high school students discovering an old game that enters them into the jungle associated with the game settings and its console, the game is embodied in their choices that their activities depend on, so that they realize with time that “jumanji” is not just a game, but a challenge to stay Alive, and you have to complete the game to the end so you can return to your real world.

Dwayne Johnson will be shown a movie Jungle Cruise In 2020, starring Emily Blunt, Jesse Plemons, Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamati, Edgar Ramirez, Veronica Falcon, Andy Neman, Raphael Alejandro, Mark Ashworth, Danny Rovira, Jason New, Kim Gutierrez and other world stars, the work directed by Jaume Colette Serra, authored by Glenn Vicara, Michael Green, John Rica.

Movie Jungle Cruise It revolves around based on a Disneyland recreational trip where a group of travelers take a small river boat through a forest filled with dangerous animals and reptiles, but with a supernatural element.


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