The Russian government resigns to President Putin


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The Russian government resigns to President Putin

Aleksey Nikolskyi

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with members of the government

The Russian government led by Dmitry Medvedev resigned to President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

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During a meeting with President and members of his government with President Putin, Medvedev explained that the government decided to submit its resignation against the background of the proposals put forward by the Head of State in his annual message to Parliament. He pointed out that the discussion is about proposals to introduce amendments to the Russian constitution that would lead to important changes in the balance between the branches of the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

Medvedev continued, during the members of the government meeting with Putin: “In this context, it is evident that we, as a Russian government, must give our country’s president the ability to take all necessary decisions to achieve this. I believe that it will be right, in these circumstances, for the Russian Federation government to present its current composition. Her resignation under Article 117 of the Constitution. ”

For his part, Putin thanked the members of the government and its head for their work, expressing his satisfaction with the results of this work. The Head of State also asked the government to continue to implement its duties in full until the formation of a new government.

Putin announced that he intends to create the post of Vice-President of the Russian Security Council and offer it to Dmitry Medvedev.

The Russian President stated that Medvedev has experience in the position of Head of State, and he has assumed the presidency of the Russian government for 8 years. He added that Medvedev had always taken care of matters related to strengthening the country’s security and defense capabilities, and that he had asked Medvedev, after submitting his resignation from the presidency of the government, to assume the duties of the Russian Security Council deputy, after the creation of this position, knowing that the presidency of the Council belongs to the Head of State.

Source: Novosti


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