“The Savior Goddess” .. where is the base of Berenice and why was it called by that name


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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Today, Wednesday, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi opened the South Bernice military base, in the presence of a number of Arab and foreign heads of state and defense ministers, and a number of high-ranking diplomatic personalities.

The opening began with a huge maneuver, the largest in the history of the Egyptian army, and was called (Qadir 2020), with the participation of the Mistral helicopters, combat ships, submarines, amphibious landing forces, and various types of multi-role fighters and attack helicopters in the Air Force.

Dr. Ahmed Khafaga, Professor of Greek-Roman History, said that the city of Berenice was named after the wife of the first king to rule Egypt after Alexander the Great and was known as Ptolemy I of Macedonia, and she was called Berenice – Macedonian of origin – and the daughter of one of the kings of Macedonia. Berenice became his god for the Egyptians after her death in the name of “Savior Goddess”.

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Khafaga added to Masrawy today, Wednesday: “Bernice is the first Macedonian queen in Egypt, and her original name is in Greek Breniki, and in English Princesse, and the city was named after her name, because it was followed by a number of similar names after it.”

The professor of history continued: “Bernice married Ptolemy the First in 316 BC, and died in 221 BC, and she is the mother of the most important Macedonian king and he is Ptolemy II, whose name means Philadelphus, meaning” who loves his sister. ”

Ptolemy the Second called his mother the city of southern Egypt, and one of the most important temples of this city is the Temple of Semiramis, called the Greek language (Βερενίκη), which is a small port in the south of the Red Sea Governorate in Egypt, and it became a commercial port in 275 BC.

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