The schedule of the Egyptian league arrangement after matches today, Tuesday 21/1/2020


Al-Ahly team sits on the throne of the Egyptian league ranking table, after setting up two encounters today, Tuesday 21/1/2020, as part of the conclusion of the fourteenth round matches of the Premier League competition, where Tanta won over El-Gouna, and Pyramids won the clearing Egypt in an exciting match.

The table of the league ranking was as follows ..


Tanta returns to the victories through El Gouna Gate with the aim of Onch

He succeeded Tanta team In achieving a precious and precious victory over El-Gouna, with a goal opposite to none, scored by Mohamed Majid Onch in the 22nd minute of the match between them at the Tanta Sports Stadium within the activities of the fourteenth round of the league.

With this result, the balance of Tanta rose to 13 points in the thirteenth place, while the balance of El Gouna was frozen at 12 points in the fourteenth place.

The events of the match came in a mixed manner, which was controlled by the Tanta players in the beginning, until they succeeded in achieving the first goal through Mohamed Majid Onsh, and the El Gouna players dominated the course of the match completely after that. Once.

In the second half, El Gouna players continued to dominate the match and lost many easy opportunities and shine on Tanta goalkeeper Faraj, who valiantly increased his goal until the last minute of the match, to get his team to the most valuable three points after a series of negative results.

Rookie duo Hany Roushdy and Hussein Faisal moved Zamalek players to Tanta, for a period of six months, starting from the current winter transfers in January until the end of the season, within the framework of the club’s football management policy under the supervision of Amir Mortada in loaning the juniors to the different Premier League teams in order to gain Experiences and return to the white club to benefit the first team in the club.

The football department at Zamalek club agreed to transfer the duo Roshdy and Faisal to Tanta despite their escalation by the French Patrice Carteron, technical director of the first team, where the ball management considers coordination with Carton that their presence with Tanta will be better for them and for Zamalek in the future, where the opportunities for participation will be greater with the Tantawi team in the stage Coming from the Premier League championship competitions.

Pyramids thwart the Al-Muqasada Intifada with Al-Saeed and Hamdi trilogy, and approach the golden square

Achieved team Pyramids Beat Egypt Clearinghouse 3-1 in the exciting match they gathered at the Air Defense Stadium, Abdullah Al-Saeed scored the goal for Pyramids in the 20th minute of a penalty shot by Dodo Al-Jbas, then scored the second goal in the 45th minute of an elaborate counter-attack, then scored Salah Amin scored the goal of narrowing the difference for the Fayoumi team from a penalty kick in the 79th minute, then Mohamed Hamdi scored the third goal for Pyramids with an aesthetic touch in the 87th minute, and in the 90th minute Mahdi Suleiman managed to tackle the second clearing penalty kick that Salah Amin paid.

Al-Saeed’s double in the clearing net leads him to goal number 102 in his career in the league competition, and strengthened his position on the throne of the competition’s top scorer in the current season after he reached his score for goal number 12 so far, as Salah Amin reached his goal number 70 in the league after he participated in 239 games and made 14 goals during them .

With this victory, Pyramids is one step closer to the golden square, as its score rose to 23 points, finishing fifth after playing 14 games, winning in 6 confrontations, equaling in it, losing 3 meetings, and its players scored 22 goals, conceding 16 goals, and clearing is 15th with 11 points after He played 13 games, won two games, drew in 5 meetings, lost 7 matches, and his players scored 15 goals and conceded 23 goals.

The formation of the clearing is as follows:

Goalkeeping: Mahdi Suleiman

Defense line: Omar Jaber – Muhammad Hamdi – Ali Jabr – Ahmed Ayman Mansour

Midfield: Abdullah Al-Saeed – Ibrahim Hassan – Mohamed Farouk – Mahmoud Hamada – Nabil Imad Dunga

The offensive line: Dudu Al-Gabbas

And he was on the bench at the meeting: Ahmed El-Shennawy – Wilfred Cannon – Ahmed Tawfiq – Abdullah Bakry – Ibrahim Adel – Ragab Bakkar – John Antwy.

The formation of the clearing came as follows:

Goalkeeping: Mahmoud Hamdy

Defense: Essam Sobhi, Ahmed Moody, Asim Saeed and Ahmed Mohsen

Midfield: Salah Riko, Mido Jaber, Muhammad Mosaad, and Muhammad Kanaria

The attack: Amr Merhi and Shamels Beckley

The bench included: goalkeeper Mohamed Koukou, Mohamed Dabash, Hosni Fathi, Mustafa Shbeita, Udo Moses, Salah Amin and Mohamed Ibrahim.


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