The second and third field armies carry out a number of combat activities for the “Qadir 2020” maneuver


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In the context of carrying out training activities for the “Qadir 2020” maneuver, elements of the second and third armies in the field and the central and southern regions have carried out a number of combat activities in cooperation with all the main branches and organs of the General Command of the Armed Forces.

This came according to the official page of the military spokesman for the armed forces on the social networking site «Facebook», Tuesday.

Training activities began with raising the cases of combat readiness, alignment and inspection of the participating elements, followed by the implementation of the elements of the Second Field Army in a number of raids on terrorist outposts and nests in the regions of North Sinai, as well as intensifying insurance procedures on tunnels, crossings and ferries, while taking insurance measures along the navigational course of the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean coast in cooperation with Air Force and Navy.

The elements of the Third Field Army carried out many training activities and raided terrorist outposts in the areas of central Sinai, while continuing to secure the navigational channel of the Suez Canal and the tunnel of the martyr Ahmed Hamdi, securing the coasts of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in cooperation with the air and sea forces and securing vital targets and tourist destinations in central and southern Sinai.

Within the framework of the strategic opening plan of the units of the military central region in cooperation with the bodies and departments of the armed forces, elements of the military central region have raised the levels of combat readiness, which included the alignment of the participating forces and the implementation of the procedures for strategic loading and opening to assist field armies and military areas, and one of the units of the central region implemented a tactical project With soldiers with live ammunition, he demonstrated the extent of high-level training in the Central Military District units.

The elements of the southern military region have raised the levels of readiness and implemented a tactical project with live fire, secure the southern borders with the states of Sudan and Libya, and implement many activities within the scope of the southern military region.

Air defense personnel carried out several ranges to aid the actions of the forces in all directions.

The maneuver “Qadir 2020” comes in light of the high fighting spirit and morale of the formations and units of the armed forces, and a high ability to carry out all the tasks assigned to them.

The “Capable 2020” maneuver
The “Capable 2020” maneuver

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