The second beta of Mario Kart Tour is launched for all users


Game developers put up Mario Kart Tour The second experimental version of the game, which supports more than one player, in an experimental manner for all users, as it previously provided the first experimental version of the game with the advantage of supporting more than one player to subscribers Gold Pass Only during the last period, while this version comes to the general experience.

According to the site engadget American, this version of the game is set to be available Mario Kart Tour Users have the advantage of competing against other players in real time, while the game developers confirmed that the new details will be revealed within the game events or through the official accounts of the game on the social media, despite the refusal of the Japanese company Nintendo developer to disclose more details.

It is worth noting that the company was criticized when the first pilot version was launched in Gold Pass Which comes with a monthly subscription of approximately $ 5, but the game comes with a set of features that include great graphics, with a touch-based control system with a unique experience.

It is reported that last December, the Japanese company Nintendo unveiled the new version of the game called Super Mario Dr. Mario World, And will be available on smartphones running Android andiOS From July 10 next.

The move further strengthens the company’s orientation towards the mobile market, while this game was already available on two Nintendo game consoles NES AndGameBoyIn it, “Doctor Mario” fights viruses with medical capsules, as Nintendo added a number of new characters that the user can choose from in addition to Dr. Mario as Dr. Peach And Dr. Toad.

In another context, a recent report revealed that Nintendo is currently seeking to transfer the manufacture of “Switch” game consoles outside China, in an attempt to avoid it falling under American tax, as the company has already started manufacturing the device in South Asia, in order to avoid taxes on its product that targets Basically the American market.


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