The Secretary General of Fayoum Governorate offers mourners for the victims of the “Jordan accident”


10:33 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Fayoum – Hussein Fathi:

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum, today, Wednesday, Major General Abdel Qader Al-Nouri, Secretary General of the Governorate, to attend the burial ceremony and offer condolences to the families of the victims of the Jordan accident, from the villages of Sarsna and Al-Rawda villages in the Tamiya Center, in the presence of Major General Ahmed Abdel-Monsef, President of the Center and the city of Tamiya.

The Secretary-General extended his condolences to the governorate of the families of the victims of the Jordan accident who were killed while carrying out their work, praying to God Almighty to count them from the martyrs and to inspire their loved ones patience and solace.

Three people from the Fayoum governorate were killed the day before yesterday Monday, as a result of the collapse of the wall of the “Kafr Rakeb Secondary School” during its restoration in the “Irbid” governorate in northern Jordan. The Fayoum governor, along with the Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Affairs abroad, followed the procedures for transporting victims from the State of Jordan to Muscat Their head in Fayoum this evening.

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