The secrets of “Director” Magda Al-Sabahi .. “Ashamed of the word Action”


The artist said Magda Al-Sabahi She directed “Who Loved” and was an adventure on her part, and this film has a long story that narrated her scenes on “Zoom” with Maha Al-Shimy, saying: “This film had certain circumstances, it was supposed to be directed by the late Ahmed Diauddin, and it was not completed The agreement, and I decided to take it out, but it was the first and last experience in directing. I have confirmed that my true role is in front of the camera and not behind the camera. “

Magda adds: “I used to say action with a little noise, I was loud enough to say, like this, loudly, so the actors could not hear the word action with my words, which made the director’s assistant say and Raya action loudly, I did not know how to control the lotion. Fit my personality. “Magda revealed in her dialogue that she sang in several films such as “The Newspaper Saleswoman” and “Our Green Earth”, and when she gave birth to her daughter Ghada produced a song with her voice and recorded it on a tape, and the song name was “Cat Stow” and was broadcast in strips and loved by all children.


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