The site of light 7 Othman ATV .. The series of the founder Othman, the seventh episode 7 A story of love in Arabic via the frequency of the Algerian Fajr TV channel El Fadjer TV


Series founder Othman, the seventh episode 7, The company that produced the series “The Resurrection of Othman” announced The date of the presentation of the seventh new episode From the series officially through its page on social networking sites “Facebook”, which was postponed for the third time in a row because of the New Year’s celebrations, which worked on the wrath of the fans and fans of the series in Egypt and the Arab countries, where everyone is waiting for the seventh episode and they are very A lot of longing, especially after the teaser was shown, in which Othman appeared to be shouting very loudly.

Series founder Othman, the seventh episode 7, the site of light

The new episode of the Osman resurrection series, which is a speech of the famous series Artegral Resurrection, will be broadcast on Wednesday every week, and the producing company has confirmed that the series will be stopped today, and the seventh episode will be shown on The official carrier atv channel Next Wednesday, January 22, 2020, at exactly eight oclock in the evening Egypt time, and nine in the evening in Turkish time, it is also worth noting that the series of the founder Osman produced by the Bozdag Foundation is a film and directed by Matin Junai, and the first episodes of the series achieved a great success that was not expected from Before the producing company, and everyone at that moment awaited the presentation of the seventh episode on the official channel carrying atv.

The Resurrection of Othman 7

All channels broadcasting the series of founder Othman 7

After going down The seventh episode teaser From the series Al-Founder Othman, everyone became more eager to follow the episode, and knowing what will happen with Othman Al-Ghazi bin Artgrel, and whether or not Ertugrul the Great from Macedonia will return to save him or not.

  • On Wednesday Turkish ATV.
  • On Wednesday, the Love Story Channel.
  • Yarmouk channel on Thursday.
  • Foreshbab channel Thursday.
  • Invitation channel.
  • East Channel.
  • Al-Watan channel.
  • Algerian Dawn channel.

The frequency of the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, which broadcasts the 7th series of the Resurrection of Othman

Correction coefficientHesitationThe satellite
5/6 vertical10992Nile sat
5/6 vertical12130Yah Sat

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