“The solution is not to withdraw confidence from it.” The President of “Future of the Nation” decides the questioning of the Minister of Health


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MP Ashraf Rashad, head of the parliamentary majority party, “Future of the Nation”, decided his party’s position on the request to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, according to the interrogation of MP Mohammed Al-Husseini, regarding “the deterioration of health services at the Bulaq Dakrur General Hospital.”

“Rashad” said in his speech before the plenary session of the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, that the owner of the interrogation opened one of the most dangerous files experienced by Egypt, and indeed the state suffers from a major crisis in the health system because of spending problems and the number of doctors, nursing and others.

He added that “the solution to the health problem in Egypt is not in the hands of one person, and it cannot be reduced to the survival or dismissal of a minister.” He added: “The solution is not a minister walking or sitting or that the system is controlled by a person. We are facing a crisis that we suffer from everywhere in Egypt.” ».

Rashad added that the health file needs another session, in which the minister presents a complete plan to develop the health service at the level of Egypt, stressing: “We are facing a collapsed health system in Egypt, but the solution is not in a minister who is sitting or walking.”

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