“The Statue of Paper” .. The process of moving King Ramses raises the ridicule of the citizens of Zaq


03:12 am

Friday 17 January 2020

Sharqia – Fatima Al-Deeb:

Video – Muhammad Tariq:

The move of a statue that emulates King Ramses II on the road to Zagazig University raised the ridicule of citizens, after the executive authorities used a second neighborhood in Zagazig with a transport vehicle for a contracting company, in the process of transporting the statue from the base on which it was installed for years.

Lens Masrawy took a video clip of the transfer, which was made by a crane pulled the statue from its base to the transport vehicle, where the video showed the mockery of citizens who gathered to watch the transfer of what they considered to be an impact, while some talked about the fragility of the statue “this is a paper statue” after breaking some parts during the process Transport.

On the social media pages, the circulating images of the transfer provoked the mockery of some who talked about the feasibility of its transfer, “Unanimity, they said about 14 years in the same place … The movement is beautiful,” while others mocked the way the transfer took place. Look, I will never regret it … There is no transport that transports it instead of the dump truck and the dough that the workers do. “

The move of the statue, which was carried out in the early hours of Friday morning, is part of the expansion of the road and the opening of new traffic hubs.

This statue was constructed years ago to simulate the original statue currently in the Great Egyptian Museum, and it was decided to move it to the vicinity of the Zagazig Culture Palace.

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