The story of the “pyramid” girl .. The thieves resisted, and received a stab in the abdomen – accidents


“A stab in the abdomen” was attributed to a girl who did not complete the 19 years … The parents gathered and transported the girl to Al-Haram Hospital, for treatment.

Under the supervision of Major General Tareq Marzouq, Director of Giza Security, and Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Investigations, the forces were able to arrest the suspects, they were detained, and the prosecution was informed of the investigation.

The investigations and investigations of the security services in Giza, which took place under the supervision of Major General Sameh Al-Hamili, Deputy Director of the General Department of Investigations, stated that the beginning of the incident, that the Haram Police Department received a notification from Al-Haram Hospital, that a 19-year-old girl had arrived with a stab wound, and immediately a force of the detective was transferred She went to the hospital, and research and investigation found that if she was walking in the Mansheya area, two people tried to steal her bag, but she resisted them, and one of them stabbed her and the two defendants were identified, and they were newly unemployed residing in the area.

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