“The strongest signal” from the Tom and Jerry 2020 channel on Nilesat to watch the newest cartoons


We offer you through our website, the Sahara News Network, the new frequency for Tom and Jerry 2020 channel, after the modernization that the channel has carried out since the beginning of the new year, to cover wider in all parts of the country and high-quality technology through the use of new technologies and technological means in broadcasting where the channel is one One of the most famous and most important channels dedicated to children in the Arab world, which is monitored by millions, where the channel reaps very high views of the Egyptian and Arab audience, young and old children, because of its useful, interesting and interesting content.

Tom and Jerry channel

Tom and Jerry channel is interested in presenting a group of the most important animated films on its screen and new Disney movies that you download every year, such as cartoon Tarzan and Frozen, the sleeping princess and the seven dwarfs, Cinderella and Ghoul is a partner. Viewers since its inception and obtaining many international awards, the most important of which is the Oscar and its translation into many Arabic and foreign languages. Therefore, the channel displays everything that children love and with the increase in search engines for the new frequency of the channel, we present it to you through this article.

The frequency of the new Tom and Jerry channel 2020

You can now watch the newest animated films, Tom and Jerry cartoons and Disney films on the screen of Tom and Jerry channel 24 hours with high-quality technology after the update carried out by the channel to cover the broader and better quality of its viewers in Egypt and the Arab world via the Nilesat satellite through the following frequency in the table : –

Channel nameThe satelliteHesitationpolarizationCoding rateCorrection coefficient
Tom and Jerry channelNile Sat11355vertical275004/3


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