“The strongest signal,” the new Tom and Jerry 2020 channel frequency on Nilesat to watch the newest cartoons


The frequency of the new Tom and Jerry channel 2020, we review with you in this article the new frequency of the Tom and Jerry channel 2020, which is one of the specialized channels for children as Google search engines increase the frequency of what the channel contains films and cartoon series that attract attention, as the channel is the most famous channel in Egypt The Arab world is a result of the love of viewers for it, both adults and children, as the channel broadcasts its entertainment content 24 hours without any commercial breaks or interruptions in broadcasting. The channel is also interested in showing the newest cartoons and series on its screen.

Tom and Jerry channel 2020

The channel named after Tom and Jerry was named after the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry, which contains 161 episodes, and its characters were drawn by the painter William Hanna and Joseph Barreira. The world has won many international and international awards, the most important of which is the Academy Award. The channel displays it on its screen every day. It also displays many animated films and Disney films such as Tarzan, Rubanzel, Cinderella, Mouse Chef, Sleeping Princess, Seven Dwarfs, Simba and other films that he loves. For young and old.

The frequency of the new Tom and Jerry channel 2020

You can watch the latest films and animated series that children love on the Tom and Jerry channel screen with high-quality technology 24 hours by setting the receiver on the following frequency: –

HesitationCoding ratePolarizationcorrecting the mistakeThe satellite
1135427500vertical5/6Nile sat


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