The Sudanese army: all options are open to control the chaos of the “intelligence elements”


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The Sudanese army spokesperson said that the armed forces reject the behavior taken by forces of the General Intelligence Agency on Tuesday, after protesting against its weak financial entitlements.

The Sudanese armed forces spokesperson, Brigadier General Amer Mohamed Al-Hassan, described what happened on Tuesday as “chaos that requires immediate resolution.”

And Hassan revealed in a special statement to “Sky News Arabia”, the security committee in Khartoum state moved to resolve the chaos, adding: “All options are open to control the situation.”

A group of Sudanese intelligence services had shot in the air in Khartoum, in protest against administrative and financial measures.

A statement issued by the Sudanese General Intelligence Service indicated that “a group of employees of the Operations Authority objected to the procedures for structuring the agency and the value of the financial reward and after-service benefits.”

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