The Sudanese army announces killing and wounding 6 soldiers during the brain rebellion


04:42 am

Wednesday 15 January 2020

The Sudanese Army Chief of Staff announced today, Wednesday, the death of two soldiers and the injury of 4 others, stressing that they can eliminate the rebellion with minimal losses, according to Sky News Arabia.

Suleiman said in a press statement, at dawn on Wednesday, that the Prime Minister and the leaders of freedom and change and the police continued to storm the presidency of the intelligence agency in Khartoum from the office of the head of the General Command of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, according to “Akhbar Sudan”.

And the Sudanese army had announced, on the night of Tuesday / Wednesday, the control of the headquarters of the operations body of the intelligence agency after violent clashes with heavy weapons between the army forces and rebels from the authority.

Sudan TV reported that the army was able to restore the headquarters of the Operations Authority in the Kfoury area.

In a related context, “Akhbar Sudan” reported that the Sudanese Attorney General Taj Al-Ali Ali Al-Habr described what happened as “a crime of rebellion in its entirety.”

He said: “The perpetrators of the crime must be brought to urgent trials.”

He explained that “security and the rule of law are the basis for stability.”

A statement issued on Tuesday by the Sudanese Intelligence Service stated that “within the framework of the structure of the apparatus and the resultant merger and demobilization, according to the options presented to employees of the Operations Authority, a group of them objected to the value of the financial reward and after-service benefits.”

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