The survivor of the attempt to “slaughter” the leaves: “He threatened me 3 times and said, ‘I keep walking and your hair is fine.'”


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On her bed she sits as a train. R », the fiftieth lady, known as“ Our Lady of Warraq ”, who was subjected to an attempt to be slaughtered by a young man, last Friday, and she said to her:“ In order to walk your hair Payne, ”she talks to her younger son with fear, accompanied by a shiver:“ I don’t know I sleep, feeling that the accused From (ISIS), I can’t go down the street again, and I am afraid. ”

Since the accident, the daughter Olivia has not left her mother, whose protester said: “The investigations say that the accused is a psychopath, and he has a similar precedent two years ago to the slaughter of a woman.” She insists that: “He cannot be ill, this is a conscious person, directed ( Blade) And he tried to slaughter, and he said: (Keep walking and your hair pine), these are not deranged actions. ” The accused «Mamdouh. F, 38, always dressed in robes and caps, has a light beard, and his father owns a communal oven in the leaves, in which the victim lives .. One of his family members says the accused burned himself, jumping from the sixth floor. “Mamdouh” waited for the victim to leave a famous store in the area, and as soon as he had it, he took out a code, and tried to slaughter the victim, whom people wrapped around, and caught the accused before he escaped, according to surveillance cameras. “I blinked my eyes and hit my neck with the blade and pushed me firmly forward.” Ketrina remembers the details of the incident, while her children assert: “All that she thinks is what happened to her tremors,” and the victim responds: “What I have seen, Lord, doesn’t happen, I don’t want to go down the street again.” ».

She takes a hard breath, then continues her speech: “I was falling on the ground, and the people caught me, thinking that the accused was harassing me, and when they saw blood bleeding from my neck, they collapsed and grabbed the accused before he escaped.” The victim, when she went out of her house, intended to search for a cure in pharmacies, as she suffered “cartilage in the neck and back vertebrae”, and she got tired of searching, and for the cold weather at night and the conditions of her illness, she wore a “sweatshirt” above him with a shawl that covered her neck and loose pants, and had it not been for “covering our Lord” as well She says: “In order for the accused to be able to cut all the strings of her neck,” the offender assaulted her with the “blade”, so the shawl and the T-shirt protected her, part of which was cut off. Why did you work for me, what did I do for you ?!, she said, “as a trainer” for the accused, in a frail case. When she looked at him, she saw him “one eye closed, and indicated to her the sign of slaughtering”, and he repeated that sign 3 times, and said: “He guided you.” The victim arrived at a hospital, and there the doctor assured her that the wound was superficial “although he had stitched 63 stitches and 3 suture seams.” At that time, she sensed that he was “in the hope of living”, and she was afraid of death: “I felt that someone had bitten someone from (ISIS), I thought of my 4 daughters, my husband, my siblings, and my grandchildren, I was a mother to all of them (the pillar of the house). The doctor reassures her, while the wound sews: “You know, if one centimeter was too, the leaves of the neck were cut off and you lost your soul immediately.” The tragedy that afflicted “Katrina” did not end there, she explains, and her eyes are tired: “When the police department went … the wound was bleeding again, it went to a private clinic, there the doctor alerted me (all the muscles in your neck were torn … and need to be sewing)”, . Early in the morning, the victim also went to the Al-Warraq Prosecution, gave her testimonies, and accused “Mamdouh” of “attempting to kill her”, and said: “They want him to be absolutely sure this is a terrorist”, while her children said: “Mamas right will get lost … They say: (shaken Psychologically), this is a former person. ” A victim of warraq visited dozens of people: “People and God will first see them.” She also received calls from public figures: “Officials and clerics called me.” She was among her visitors, Mary Jamil Massad, who served at the St. George’s Church in the same area, which had previously been subjected to an attempt to slaughter Two years ago, by the same defendant. The two victims embraced each other, and Mary said to the new victim: “My heart is sensitive to you, I am the one who feels your pain, because I was exposed to the same situation, and the accused came up after 11 months of imprisonment”, to respond to “Katrina”: “We have the right to return, I seek help from the Attorney General », Who issued a statement that the accused was imprisoned.

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