The transfer issued a statement saying that a father saved his daughter from run over the train: contrary to learning


09:01 PM

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

The Ministry of Transport issued a statement on Tuesday evening, regarding the video circulating on social media and the media, to a citizen who is embracing his daughter between the railway berth and a freight train in the Ismailia station.

The ministry said that by reviewing and unloading the cameras for the Ismailia station to determine the circumstances of the incident, it was revealed that the citizen was traveling on passenger train No. 286 from Port Said to Ismailia, which stopped at the Ismailia station at platform No. 1.

She added that instead of the citizen descending from the train door designated for the disembarkation of passengers on berth 1 to reach berth No. 2 through the tunnel between the two berths, the citizen left the door that violates the train 286 to cross through the breaks of the carriages of one of the freight trains stored on berth No. 2 in violation of safety instructions And the safety of riding railways.

The ministry explained that while the citizen crossed between the breaks of the cargo train carriages, his daughter fell between the sidewalk and the freight train, so the father went out to help his daughter to get to the sidewalk and the freight train coincided with that time.

The Ministry of Transport called upon citizens to follow safety and security instructions when using this vital facility that transports millions of passengers annually in order to preserve their safety and lives and to cross from designated places (pedestrian bridges – tunnels) when using the railway facility and not to cross from places not designated for that.

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