The “Ukrainian” curse has not been extinguished … Call for new demonstrations in Iran



It seems that the “curse” of the stricken Ukrainian plane will not subside in Iran, after an announcement was made Revolutionary Guards His responsibility for mistakenly dropping her after days of denial, Angry demonstrations over 4 days in several Iranian regionsEspecially at some universities in Tehran, new invitations were sent on Wednesday to take to the streets.

Several posts on social media have urged the Iranians to go out in rallies and stops for the fifth day in protest of the Ukrainian plane disaster and how the authorities act on it.

“We are going to the streets,” said a leaflet circulated on social media, inviting people to join in demonstrations from all over the country against “the government that is stealing and corruption.”

Another publication called for demonstrations in Hamadan.

Student-led protests erupted on Saturday, after the Iranian army admitted that it shot down the Ukrainian plane carrying 176 passengers at the dawn of January 8, mostly Iranians and Canadians, by mistake at a time when the country was on high alert for a U.S. response after Iranian missile strikes hit military bases In Iraq, it includes American soldiers.

Iran protests January 13, 2020 ...
Iran protests January 13, 2020 …
Arrest of protesters

It is reported that the Iranian authorities have arrested dozens of demonstrators during the past days.

A spokesman for the judicial authorities, Ghulam Hussein Ismaili, announced during a press conference in Tehran, the arrest of 30 demonstrators, without adding further details, while activists accused the authorities of arresting many more.

From the site of the Ukrainian plane crash in Tehran (archive - Reuters)
From the site of the Ukrainian plane crash in Tehran (archive – Reuters)

And after Iran denied the hypothesis that the plane of the Ukrainian International Airlines had been shot down by an Iranian missile shortly after taking off from Tehran, killing 176 people, it eventually admitted, on Saturday, responsibility for the accident, which it said had occurred as a result of a “human error.”

The announcement sparked outrage in the country, where videos circulated on social media 3 days ago, showing protesters chanting slogans against the authorities and the clergy, and accusing the Revolutionary Guards of criminalization.

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