The United States discovers the largest smuggling tunnel on the American borders


06:23 am

Thursday 30 January 2020

San Diego – (dpa):

The US authorities stated that they had discovered the longest smuggling tunnel between Mexico and California.

The US Customs and Border Protection agency said on Wednesday that the 1.3-kilometer tunnel starts in an industrial area of ​​the Mexican town of Tijuana and ends in the US city of San Diego.

The tunnel is approximately 1.7 meters high, 60 centimeters wide and 21 meters deep, and is equipped with an elevator, a railway and ventilating railway system and a drainage system.

The authority reported that the tunnel was discovered last August, but that was not announced until now.

John Calray, the special agent in charge of the US Drug Enforcement Agency, said that Mexican drug gangs smuggle drugs underground to the United States.

He pointed out that “the extent of development of this tunnel demonstrates the design and resources of these gangs.”

No one has been arrested by the authorities on the grounds that the tunnel was discovered.

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