The United States is fighting “birth tourism” on its soil


The United States is fighting


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American Airlines employees, a three-year-old Japanese citizen, were forced to take a pregnancy test before boarding a plane to Saipan Island in the Pacific Ocean.

Local media indicated that the girl, Maidori Nishiba, 25, was going to visit her parents who inhabit the island, and that she was not pregnant, however the crew forced her to check.

The Wall Street Journal added, That he asked Nishiba to allow a medical examination of women with large or pregnant women.

For her part, Nishiba said, “The matter was very amazing and frustrating, as she was taken to the public ladies bath at the airport and given a tape to examine the pregnancy,” adding that “the result of the examination was negative, when that allowed her to board the plane.”

For its part, Hong Kong Airlines commented that “the test came in response to the concerns raised by the authorities in Saipan, where the so-called birth tourism resulted in more births from tourists there than the number of births in 2018.”

She added, “The pregnancy test was intended to help ensure that US immigration laws are not undermined,” noting that the company suspended this practice and apologized to the passengers affected by it.

Many pregnant women traveled to Saipan and gave birth there so that their children could obtain American citizenship by “birth”, while statistics indicate that most of these women are from China.

Chinese citizens can visit the Northern Mariana Islands without a visa, which is the only US land they can visit without a visa.

Source: “Insider”

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