The updated timing of the show of the series Uthman resurrection, Episode 7 on a translated El Fadjer TV channel


Today evening, “El Fadjer TV” channel announced on its website Facebook about the date of the presentation of the seventh episode of the Turkish series Resurrection Osman, and fans of Turkish drama and action are awaiting the presentation of episode 7 of the series Resurrection Osman, which everyone is waiting for will be shown today at eight oclock local time Egypt and the ninth hour Saudi Arabia, and it will be transmitted exclusively through the aTV channel and the El Fadjer TV channel, and it is worthy that fans and fans of Turkish drama were attracted to the series quickly due to the rapid events and the strong slander of the series, which exceeded viewership rates for the resurrection of Ertugrul.

The series “The Resurrection of Othman Al Turki”, the series starring the Turkish star Burak and embodies the championship of Al Ghazi Othman, and it is worth mentioning that Burak has undergone a number of intensive exercises in order to master the role well. Aisha Gul Junay, in the role of “Zahra Khatoun”, the wife of Dindar and Ragheb Savash, who plays “Dundar” and Noureddine Sunmaz in the role of “Bamsi” Aslanhan Karl Malhoun plays the role of “Khatoon”, the wife of Uthman and Sophia, the daughter of Takfour, Igoul, cousin of Dindar, and a fan of Osman and Puran, a warrior of Uthman And the system of religion is the Minister of th To Tan Seljuk and Samsa Jawish Ali Char Valley and Sheikh Bali.

The series of the Resurrection of Othman, the seventh episode

Reports from within the Turkish ATV channel revealed that the series of the Resurrection of Osman will be postponed for the seventh episode until the twenty-second of January this year without reasons, but other sources revealed that the series will be shown and there is no intention to postpone the episode and was not settled, in the event of the appearance Any details about the presentation of the series, we will publish it immediately without any hesitation and now we will present to you the frequency of the aTV channel and the El Fadjer TV channel that transmits the series with exclusive rights.

We offer you fans and followers of the Turkish drama now the latest frequency for the aTV channel and El Fadjer TV in order to watch the seventh episode of the series of the Resurrection of Othman, and the series will be shown at exactly eight oclock on Wednesday evening, and you will be able to followers to set your receivers on the following frequencies that will now be found below the article .

Turkish channel aTV channel frequency resurrection Osman Episode 7:

The satelliteOrbitFrequencyPolarCorrection coefficientthe qualityEncryption
Nile Sat10796275005/6SDComplimentary
Turksat42.0 ° E11628 (H)275005/6SDComplimentary
Astra19.2 ° E12692 (H)275005/6SDComplimentary
Astra19.2 ° E11243 (H)275005/6SDComplimentary

The frequency of the Algerian dawn channel

Hesitationthe moonCorrection coefficientpolarization
10922Nile Sat5/6vertical
12130Yah Sat5/6vertical

There are 100% official statements confirmed with regard to the Osman Resurrection series, specifically the seventh episode. The statements announced by the producing company confirmed that the expected episode will be shown by millions next week on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, and also confirmed that everyone who published about Canceling the series is only rumors.

The Turkish ITV channel network announced that the episode will be postponed for the third week in a row, and it will be shown exclusively next Wednesday, January 22nd.


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