The US government bans the use of drones for fear of Chinese espionage


The United States government has decided to suspend its civilian drone program amid persistent concerns that these advanced aircraft could be used by China for espionage purposes, due to the development of a company DJI The Chinese is part of the 1,000-strong UAV fleet, which is used for various tasks such as observing endangered species and mapping landscapes.

The move to halt the program and use only unmanned drones in emergency situations, such as aid in firefighting efforts, would mark the completion of the temporary ban that began in October 2019.

According to the Financial Times, the risk is very high because the Chinese government will use drones to gather intelligence about the United States, and although no final policy has yet been put in place, US Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt is expected to limit the use of the drone fleet to emergencies such as helping to Fire fighting efforts.

With the cessation of the use of drones, the US authorities will either need to resort to US-made drones, abandon projects that rely on support for drones or instead rely on more expensive and more dangerous regular planes in cases of necessity.

It was announced DJI Based in Shenzhen, which has developed 121 drones in the Civilian Fleet, it wants to study the US government’s review of the drone program.

It was reported that employees of the US Department of the Interior are disappointed with plans to ban unmanned aerial vehicles, which are carrying out various beneficial tasks, as the Fish and Wildlife Service has already had to cancel the unmanned flights that would have helped count the animals and monitor their forest fires.

Meanwhile, the US Geological Survey has placed drones to serve in agricultural monitoring activities, prepare earthquakes and respond to floods.


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