The US Security Agency warns: Windows 10 vulnerabilities affect 900 million users


The US National Security Agency notified Microsoft of a dangerous Windows 10 vulnerability, as the intelligence agency discovered a “very serious security vulnerability”, which could trick the computer into leaving harmful and malicious software, which may affect 900 million computers worldwide, and hackers may exploit it. In causing great chaos upon knowing it

According to the British “Daily Mail” website, this error was discovered in the Windows 10 system in research conducted by the National Security Agency, and through the disclosure of this information to the technology giant, the agency believes that it puts “computer security” on its own agenda.

The National Security Agency came under criticism five years ago for concealing a loophole in Microsoft’s technology, which is called EternalBlue, Which was said to resemble “hunting with dynamite”, which caused this tool to be stolen by hackers, and launched massive ransom campaigns, including WannaCryThe blackmail program has hit 150 countries, including the United States, Britain, Russia, China, Germany and France, and affected 200,000 different companies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the time and criticized the American intelligence services for causing the “ransom” attack in 2017, and said that the National Security Agency should be careful not to create programs that could later be used in harmful means.

“As far as the source of these threats is concerned, I think Microsoft’s leadership has made this clear, and that the primary source of the virus is intelligence services in the United States,” Putin said at the time.

He told reporters in Beijing: “Once they are allowed out of the lamp, genes of this kind, especially those created by the intelligence services, can subsequently harm their authors and creators.”

Chinese media reported that 29,372 of their organizations were injured, along with hundreds of thousands of devices, and the Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center in Japan, a non-profit organization providing support for computer attacks, said 2,000 computers in 600 locations in Japan have been affected. Until now.


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