“The visit is over.” Details of the assault on a citizen and his wife in Hospital B.


09:23 PM

Monday 13 January 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

The advisor, Ashraf Al-Maghrabi, the attorney general for Al-Montazah Prosecution Office in Alexandria, today, Monday, ordered the detention of 3 security supervisors at the “Tosson” health insurance hospital, 4 days pending investigations, and another arrest and arrest, to accuse them of assaulting a citizen and his wife inside the hospital, which led to their injury.

Al-Montazah Thani Police Department received a notification from 35 years old, Mr. SM, that while he and his wife visited a relative of Tosson Health Insurance Hospital, for performing “appendix” surgery, the hospital security staff beat them.

In the written statement dated Tuesday, January 7, the aforementioned said that one of the security supervisors asked them to leave the hospital for the end of the visit, so he told him to wait several minutes until his pregnant wife left the bathroom and left the hospital after that.

The husband added that he was surprised by the security of the hospital, who insulted him with insults, defamation, and beatings, and they also beat his wife after she left the bathroom, in front of the patients and hospital staff affiliated with the health insurance.

The husband attached a medical report to the report showing that he had a broken nose and dislocated shoulder, and his wife had a fracture in the left forearm and permanent disability in the teeth.

Investigations revealed the authenticity of the incident, and the accused were arrested: “Muhammad. KH – 37 years old,” “Khamis, I – 27 years old,” and “Hussein. A – 26 years old,” in conjunction with the last fugitive, all of them working as security supervisors. The hospital referred to.

And by referring the accused to the Public Prosecution, I ordered that they be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigation, and the speed of arrest and bringing the accused fugitive, and summoning the hospital director and director of administrative affairs and the director of the security company of the accused.

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