The Voice Kids program deletes contestant Heidi Mohamed from YouTube and a large attack on the media


All fans of lyrical voices of children were surprised at the Voice Kids program, and many newspapers and social media sites published a statement of the Voice Kids program deleting the contestant Heidi Mohamed from YouTube, after her exit from the program in the last episode, and therefore the program was subjected to severe attack over the past hours, After Heidi exited the program despite everyone praising her wonderful voice.

Heidi Mohamed has been removed from YouTube

Radio Marina Al-Masry has published on her official account on the social networking site Facebook “Heidi” has a good tone of voice, and deserves all support, as well as radio and harmony and my grandfather who strongly condemned Heidi’s exit from the program and wrote on her account “I just want to say that Nancy and Hamaki do not know it like that” Originally, thank you. ”

Many sites have published that although the video was deleted from the program’s YouTube channel and also from the official page, the entire episode is available on the Shahid online platform.

Sadness of the Referees’ Committee

The jury expressed her great sadness after the contestant Heidi lost the song this night for the artist Umm Kulthum, and Nancy Ajram said:

“I really regretted that I had not wrapped it, but the song was concluded quickly,” said Asi Al-Halani: “You are like the moon, your voice is great, and we really lost because you did not join the program.”

Artist Mohamed Hamaki also said about his sorrow, saying: “seriously, you are a strong, sweet voice, so you will need to come again and apply for the program. God willing, the next time we will choose you.”


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