The White House will publish the peace plan tomorrow, Tuesday


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US President Donald Trump said today, Monday, that His plan for peace in the Middle East It has a chance to succeed, and the White House will publish the peace plan tomorrow, Tuesday.

Trump told reporters at the reception of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House that the Palestinians must accept the peace plan because it is in their interest, considering that it is very logical to all.

Trump Netanyahu
Trump Netanyahu
New details of the peace plan

New details about the peace plan have been leaked in Israeli media.

Politicians in Tel Aviv said that they had seen the details of the US President Donald Trump’s plan to settle the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab conflict.

The plan talks about giving a “four-year preparation period” to implement the plan, during which efforts are made to gradually appease the Palestinians until its acceptance.

Israeli media quoted a close associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying that the White House believed that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would reject the plan, but he did not intend to close the door with the Palestinians at this stage.

According to the plan, Israel can annex existing settlements, but it cannot expand it, nor can it annex the Jordan Valley areas before the Israeli elections, nor can it build new settlements.

The plan calls for the capital of Palestine to be in the town of Shuafat, located northeast of Jerusalem, with a tunnel between Gaza and the West Bank, but this corridor will not open until after the Palestinian organizations in the Gaza Strip are demilitarized, especially “Islamic Jihad” and “Hamas”.

The plan also allows – according to the leaks – to Israel, annexing about a third of the area of ​​the West Bank, with the remainder for the Palestinians.

According to the plan, Jerusalem will remain under Israeli sovereignty, provided that there will be a joint administration of Israel and the Palestinians for Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the rest of the holy sites.

Trump Netanyahu
Trump Netanyahu
Palestine to the International Community: Boycott the Biased Deal

On Monday, the Palestinian government urged the international community to: Boycott the “Deal of the Century” to be announced by the American PresidentDonald Trump, in the coming hours, to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“This plan does not recognize Jerusalem as occupied land, but rather gives it to Israel, and its owners are waging a war against us and the UNRWA, closing the Palestine office in Washington, and working to dry up the financial resources of the Authority,” Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said before his cabinet meeting on Monday.

He stressed that the plan, which Palestine rejects and sees as biased towards Israel, is nothing but “liquidation of the Palestinian cause”, adding: “We demand the international community not to be a partner in it because it contradicts the alphabet of international law and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.”

Shtayyeh stated that announcing this plan at this time aims to “protect Trump from isolation and to protect Netanyahu from prison, not a peace plan for the Middle East, but rather a peace plan for its owners.”

The Palestinian prime minister stressed that the forthcoming US peace plan “gives Israel everything it wants at the expense of the national rights of the Palestinian people.” It also “bombs the foundations of the Arab solution (…) especially the Arab peace initiative.”

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