The wife of a murdered villa, Nancy Ajram, explodes a surprise and reveals the secrets of the last night in her husband’s life


The wife of the dead man revealed , On the details of the last night in her husband’s life before he set out to go to a villa At night, he is killed by her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem.

Mohamed Al-Mousas wife said, in a television interview, that on the last night, her husband was wearing black clothes and black pants, and he told me that he was going to obtain his right from one of the people who took him away from him.

“My husband was very generous and did not suffer from any financial hardship. In the last period after his dismissal from an oil company, he moved to a number of other businesses, until he settled in the house of Nancy Ajram,” the wife of Mohamed Al-Mousa explained.

“The expenses of our house were $ 150, and for us it was very sufficient,” the victim’s wife said.

It was the Lebanese judge She broke her silence for the first time, and commented on the issue of the murder of Nancy Ajram, who is at the forefront of Lebanese and Arab public opinion, in Lebanese press statements.

“They ignored the rumors and those who are trying to discredit the judicial process,” Ghada Aoun said, noting that her decision was made according to Article 547 of the Penal Code, but she is sympathetic to Article 229.

Ghada Aoun added: “Review the two articles to know everything.”

Lebanese reports said yesterday, Wednesday, that the Lebanese judiciary directed against The husband of the actress, Nancy Ajram, on charges of “intentional killing”, as a result of the shooting of a Syrian person in their house two weeks ago.

According to the Lebanese News Agency: “Judge Ghada Aoun allegedly committed the crime of intentional killing against Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram, in Article 547 extending to Article 229 which states that“ the perpetrator shall not be punished for an act that necessity forced him to pay for himself or for Others or his property or the property of others are a grave and imminent danger that he did not intentionally cause, provided that the act is proportionate and dangerous.

Judge Ghada Aoun’s decision means that Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram, awaits a 15-year sentence in the event of the premeditated murder, or either acquittal awaits him if it is proven that what he did in self-defense.

The Lebanese judge, Ghada Aoun, referred the file to the first investigative judge in Jabal .


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