The wife of a murdered villa, Nancy Ajram: “What would have been reduced from the star’s money if my husband stole it?”


In a strange statement, the wife of the murdered wife of the artist, Nancy Ajram, said that even if her murdered husband “was a thief”, what would he lack the star and her money for something, confirming that he was a very religious person and never thought about stealing, and on the day of the accident, he took his son’s pistol with him. Hassan, “meaning that everyone who sees it will know that he is a children’s gun, not a real one, confirming in a telephone conversation with the Lebanese channel, Al-Jadeed, that it is impossible for her husband to do that, and even if he did and entered for theft, would that have decreased Nancy’s money?

Many of the rumors had been linked to the accident, which the legal team of the Lebanese artist and her husband, Dr. Fadi al-Hashem, try to refute and respond to them first, before these rumors continue to spread, but in contrast, some interesting facts appear in the case, which makes the public opinion and the followers closely This puzzled case has always been baffled between what is truth, allegations and allegations.

The latest development in the case, which shocked many social media users, was revealed by the forensic report, last Friday, that the victim was exposed to 17 bullets from the gun of Nancy Ajram’s husband.

The injuries came as follows: one shot in the right forearm, two shots in the left shoulder, one shot under the left armpit, 3 shots in the chest, two shots in the abdomen, 7 shots in the back of the body and on the back, and a shot in the left thigh, coinciding with that, Reports stated that there is a suspicion that another person was involved in the killing of the Syrian youth at Nancy Ajram’s house, as the bullets were fired from front and back, according to the website “Lebanon 24”.

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