The wife of the Egyptian engineer in Saudi Arabia reveals the details of the case after canceling E.


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

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Ibtisam Salameh, the wife of the Egyptian engineer Ali Abu al-Qasim, who is condemned to death in Saudi Arabia for fetching and promoting drugs, disclosed the details of his journey with the case from the beginning of his arrest until the ruling fell from him, and the reopening of investigations again.

“Salama” said in statements to “Masrawy” that her husband works for a large contracting company in Saudi Arabia, and his brother Khaled works in a food freezer shipping company in Egypt, and during 2017 an import and export company in Egypt asked her husband’s brother to nominate a Saudi company to terminate special customs exemptions Stomach supplied through them there.

The wife of the Egyptian engineer added: “Khaled asked his brother to receive the equipment (mashing) on ​​behalf of the company he works in Saudi Arabia to end its customs exemptions without receiving them, provided that another shipping company received them inside the Kingdom.”

She added that her husband had requested his sponsor to receive the equipment in the name of his company, and the latter agreed, and the Egyptian engineer went to his grandfather’s port, and was surprised during his receipt of the “mash” of his arrest on charges of drug trafficking and promoting it inside the Kingdom, after seizing one million “love of captagon” an anesthetic that is prohibited from circulating Inside the kingdom.

The wife went on to say: My husband missed 4 days and then continued and told me in a few seconds, “Follow me, I am involved in a drug case that I don’t know is necessary.”

Ibtisam immediately went to visit him and hired a Saudi lawyer to defend him, and then learned of the details of the case and the Egyptian company that sent the equipment, so she returned to Egypt and informed her husband’s siblings about what happened, and they informed the security authorities and informed them of what happened.

Investigations and investigations in Egypt confirmed what the woman and her husband’s brothers, who went to the Public Prosecution and Immigration Minister Nabila Makram, said to intervene in the case.

During that period, a Saudi court sentenced the Egyptian engineer to death on charges of bringing drugs to the Kingdom, but after the completion of the Egyptian investigations and it was proven that he was not involved in drug smuggling he and his brother, communication between the Egyptian Public Prosecution headed by Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy and her Saudi counterpart was made to clarify the entire matter until she decided The Saudi Supreme Court accepts the veto of “Abu al-Qasim”, and opened investigations again in the First District Court in the Kingdom.

After the decision to accept the cassation, the engineer’s lawyer in Saudi Arabia contacted his wife and informed her, cheering her face expressing her joy at the emergence of the truth, confirming that the investigations of the Public Prosecution in Egypt proved the innocence of her husband and brother Khaled from the accusation attributed to them, and that the Egyptian police arrested 6 accused of drug abuse in The stomach, shipped to Saudi Arabia, is scheduled to be tried on February 1 in case No. 131 of 2019.

The wife of the Egyptian engineer thanked President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for his interference in the case and his contribution to achieving justice and speeding up procedures. She also thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its judiciary for achieving justice, stressing that she trusts in the integrity of the Egyptian and Saudi judiciary in the implementation of justice “and I trust that I will return to the arms of his homeland.”

The Public Prosecutor, Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, met last November 20 with his Saudi counterpart, Counselor Saud Bin Abdullah Al-Mujb, to enhance means of cooperation between the two deputies in the judicial field.

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