The “Wise” club reveals how it ended the conflict between Salah and Mani


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp revealed the way he ended the crisis that erupted between the two stars, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, and threatened his career at the beginning of the current season in the English Premier League, which is unique to the Reds.

The Liverpool match with Burnley at the end of last August in the English League witnessed an outrage from Mani over Salah, because the latter preferred to pay instead of passing him, as he was in a much better offensive position and had an opportunity to score.

Mani attacked his Egyptian teammate in front of the cameras as he came out, replacing him with Klopp, who contained the matter on the field before he ended the crisis completely outside the stadium, before it exacerbated and negatively affected the attacking strength of the team.

Klopp stated that he endured the sedition between his two stars in a very simple way that ended the crisis completely, as he told the British newspaper “Mirror” “I spoke to them (Mani and Salah) separately.”

“The problem between Salah and Mani was not great,” Klopp added. “In football, it looks very big, and fans are surprised at how to solve such a crisis? And I only spoke with them.”

Liverpool tweeted away at the top of the Premier League with 61 points, before its strong confrontation with Manchester United next Sunday at Anfield, in the 23rd round of the Premier League.

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