The youngest thief … a child steals a whole store on a “baby carriage” and her parents are watching. Watch


Professional theft is not just for adults, it can also turn a baby still in the cradle into the youngest thief in a baby carriage.In one of the cases in the Russian capital, Moscow, a father and mother accompanied their daughter, who appeared to be less than 3 years old, to sit on a cart to pull children.

In the video clip taken by surveillance cameras according to Russia Today, the father and mother are shown trying to distract the seller so that the petty thief can finish her mission.

With the hands of “spoiled in silk”, the child picks up the displayed products and hides them in the baby carriage that she sits on, including the father’s condition between the seller and her vision.

It seemed very normal as the parents acted as though they were paying for some small things as the child turned all the stolen items inside the cart and her parents watched the weather.

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