They got rid of the husband for fear of exposing them .. Confinement of a housewife and her lover in Shubra El-Kheima


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Ziyad al-Basil, first deputy prosecutor of the second department, Shubra Al-Khaimah, decided, on Tuesday, to detain a housewife and her lover, 4 days, pending an investigation, because they killed her husband, to clear the atmosphere for them.

The prosecution charged the accused with intentional killing, and hastened the investigations of the mabahith about the incident and determining the anatomical character of the victim’s body.

The wife admitted, in front of the prosecution, that she had an illegal relationship with the accused, “a bakery owner”, some time ago, and that they agreed, and they resolved, and they made the intention to get rid of the husband, to clear them up.

In the investigations, the accused said that he was in an emotional relationship with the victim’s wife, fearing that their matter would be exposed, and they decided to lure the victim to the pretext of dinner together and get rid of him, as he urgently stabbed several parts of the body and seized the tuk-tuk of the victim and the phone and gave them For the accused to hide them.

The Qalubiya Security Directorate had received a notification that the body of Ibrahim M. Tok, the driver of Tok Tok, had been dumped in Izbat al-Nahhas area in Bahtim, and a corpse examination revealed several stab wounds to the abdomen, back and chest.

By discussing his wife, “Shaima M.M.”, a housewife, she reported that her husband went out to work on a tuk-tuk vehicle, and he did not return home. A research team led by Major General Hisham Selim, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, and Captain Muhammad Husam, a second division detective in Shubra, was formed. And they agreed to get rid of him, so the defendant lured the victim and headed to the place where the body was found, and after their arrival he removed a white weapon “knife” from his clothes and beat him, causing his injuries.

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