“They killed her husband and threatened her children.” A woman presents a complaint against the brothers of a murderer


10:12 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Mohamed El-Sawy:

A woman filed a communication with the Heliopolis Police Department, during which she was affected by the siblings of her husband’s murderer who promoted narcotic drugs in Heliopolis, Cairo, threatening them and intimidating their children.

Immediately, the complainant was called “a housewife – residing in the Heliopolis Police Department” and asked her that she was insulted, slandered and broken in the shop windows by the brothers of the perpetrators of her husband’s murder, and asked for a pledge not to subject her and her children.

By summoning the mother of the complainant against them (a housewife – residing in the Heliopolis Police Department department), and by asking her, she stated that she was the second wife of the deceased “husband of the complainant”, and that after the occurrence of the incident, she left her and her children and siblings in the Heliopolis Police Department department, and she currently resides in the Police Department department Ain Shams, and the necessary commitment was taken on her and her family not to be subject to the complainant.

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