They prevented him from entering .. 9 people were killed in a bomb accident by a Sudanese man


A bomb exploded at a Sudanese wedding today, Tuesday,
About the occurrence of several victims and a large number of the injured, and surprisingly, the reason was not the scale of the disaster
That took place and many people were killed

The number of Sudanese wedding party victims increased from 5 to
9 people, with about 70 people injured, after one person threw a grenade
“Garnett” on the grooms and newlyweds.

The perpetrator had tried to enter joy but prevented him
The owners of the house where the ceremony took place, and an altercation took place between them, and it ended with a bomb being thrown at
All attendees.

The accident took place in the Haj Abu Yousef neighborhood east
Khartoum, the number of victims is expected to increase to more than 9 during the coming hours, according to
For Sky News, there are a number of critical cases among the injured.

Distress calls spread throughout all of the city’s neighborhoods
Khartoum immediately after the accident in order to donate blood to the injured, to save victims
The painful accident.

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