They were going to train .. We publish the names of the dead and injured in acute


02:23 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:

Masrawy obtained the names of the doctors who were killed and injured as a result of a collision this morning, Wednesday, on their way from Minya to Cairo, to attend a training at the Ministry of Health.

A medical source said that two doctors and a driver were killed and 17 other doctors were injured in the accident.

The source explained to Masrawy that the injured and the dead have been transferred to May 15 Hospital, Helwan, and Nasser Institute Hospital, while some cases that require surgical intervention are being transferred to equipped hospitals.

He pointed out that there are some cases in critical care in May 15 Hospital, and the rest of the injuries ranged from simple to medium and ranged from abrasions and bruises in different parts of the body, double fractures, and all cases receive the necessary care.



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