Thick beard and anonymous .. Efforts to uncover the mystery of finding the body of a young man inside a mosque in Qanater


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Security forces in Qalyoubia are intensifying their efforts to uncover the mystery of finding the body of a young man who was found at the bottom of the ladder of the Great Mosque in Al-Qanater al-Khayriyya after the afternoon prayer on Wednesday. It was transferred to Al-Qanater General Hospital.

Lt. Col. Muhammad Ashmawi, head of the Qanater Center’s investigation, received a notification from the families that the body of a deceased young man was found under the stairs of the Great Mosque in Qanater.

Major General Hisham Selim, the director of the mabahith, was notified, and a security force moved to the location of the incident and debated the body, which turned out to be a young man with thick hair from the head and chin and with whom there were no documents indicating his personality and no apparent injuries. The prosecution investigation.

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