Third secondary exams with the “Frequently Asked Questions” system


Dr. Tariq Shawqi said,
The Minister of Education and Technical Education, the third grade exam question system
Secondary, it will be a “free questions” system that measures levels of understanding
Students, not repetitions of known issues, were trained

The minister added in a statement to “Dawn” that
The questions will be along the lines of the exams of the second year of secondary exams, which he is taking
Students these days

The ministry is preparing for a contract
Third-year secondary exams next June, announcing the details of the application procedures
For the third secondary exams for the year 2020

The ministry, she said, students
Regular registrations begin to register online, starting January 4, 2020.
Students will be writing paper forms, starting Sunday, February 2 for the year

She stressed in an important and urgent speech
For her, “Al-Fajr” obtained a copy of it, saying that students would not be allowed to write
The paper form, only after registering the electronic form

She noted that it is printed
The electronic form and submitting it to the school after signing it, the data is correct

And the ministry demanded the directorates
Educational institutions, by providing secondary schools, with application forms after receiving them from the administration
Central Ministry of Books Affairs, no later than January 30, and designating special places
For distribution

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