Thousands mourning the Minya doctor and her husband: What happened outside of humanity


Maher Abdel-Sabour

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Thursday, January 16, 2020 – 2:21 PM
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Thursday, January 16, 2020 – 2:21 PM

“The bride of heaven was not one of the sons of the earth,” said Father Boutros Yaacoub, the representative of the Diocese of the Catholics in Minya, when he presided over the funeral prayers on the doctor, Samah Nabil, one of the victims of the Doctors of Minya accident, which occurred on the eastern desert road at Karimat, on Wednesday morning, and Four people, including two female doctors, are among the 14 doctors who were driving by their way to a training course in breast cancer in Cairo, who are female doctors assigned to 2017.

Thousands of doctors from the governorate of Minya, doctors and Christians, insisted on attending prayers inside the church, and the funeral came out from the Church of the Virgin Mary for the Coptic Catholics south of the city of Minya, and the prayers were presided over by Father Boutros Yaqoub, the undersecretary of the Archdiocese of Catholics in Minya.

In his speech, Father Jacob said to the martyr, Grace Nabil, that she lived by forgiveness and tolerance. She was one of the Church’s daughters who loved and tolerated servants. He who knew her knew that she lived her name as an essential quality of her life, as she is truly the bride of heaven.

Her doctor, Dr. Raymond Yaacoub, said that what happened with his wife was far from humanity, following: “Our profession is supposed to be a human profession, we learn it and then apply it, and I am satisfied with what the sky told me, but an account must be taken to stop wasting life by neglect and abuse in the use of Decisions. ”

And the church pastor demanded the people of Minya and its doctors to immediately investigate every official responsible for the accident, especially after reports circulated about forcing the victims to travel and informing them of the date of training only a day and a half before it was held in Cairo.

Hana Jamal, the late neighbor, said: “We refuse to leave the martyr until her last resting place, because she was love for her family and neighbors, and she was cooperative in serving everyone and loves volunteering and giving.”

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