Threatening letters to the American forces in Kuwait


The American Military Times website reported today, Thursday, that the relatives and families of the 82nd American Parachute Division currently in Kuwait have received threatening messages via social media.The squad had arrived in Kuwait in early January after tension between Iran and the United States of America, against the background of the assassination of Qassem Soleimani.

The messages included calls for the paratroopers to leave the Middle East and return to their countries.

The team’s spokesman, Lt. Col. Mike Burns, said that parachutist families reported cases where they received unwanted communications and threatening messages, so we took many measures, and informed our members of the dangers and ways in which families can protect themselves.

One of the messages said: If you care about your life and want to see your family again, collect your belongings now and leave the Middle East, go back to your country, you and your clown boss have brought nothing but terrorism. ”

“You fools are underestimating Iran and its strength. The recent attack on your base was just a simple glimpse of what we can do. You dug your graves … so leave the area forever before there are more bodies.”

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