Thwart smuggling 100 thousand “Captagon” tablets to Matruh


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Qalubia Security Directorate, in coordination with the Road Investigation, managed to thwart the smuggling of 100 thousand narcotic “Captagon” tablets in the possession of an unemployed woman and a girl inside an angel’s car on the ring road above the Bahtim Bridge. They were on their way to promote the shipment in Matrouh Governorate. The car, the accused and the seizures were seized The Public Prosecution Office was notified, and it conducted the investigation.

The instructions of Major General Jamal Al-Rashidi, Director of Qalioubiya Security, of Major General Hisham Salim, Director of the Directorate’s Investigations, to stress the examination of suspected cars on the roads and ports and the arrest of outlaws.

While Lieutenant Colonel Ayman Adel, Inspector of Road Investigations, and Captain Hossam Mukhtar, of the Roads and Ports Management Force, examined one of the royal cars number «JH and 4996» suspected of driving, and searched the car, found a travel bag inside 74 74 bags containing about 100 thousand tablets Anesthetic “Captagon”, packed and ready for sale, and 2 mobile phones and a financial amount of one thousand pounds.

In discussing the first accused, “M.A.”, 40 years old, he confessed that he possesses narcotic pills with the intention of delivering them to a Bedouin in the Dabaa area in Marsa Matrouh, and the second decided, called “PFM”, 24, a housewife, that she had a friendship relationship with the first, and that she She accompanied him to facilitate his passage with ambushes, and a report of the incident was released.

Lt. Col. Muhammad Ashmawi, chief of investigations of the Al-Qanater Center, was able to arrest “SH,” 19 years old, unemployed, and in possession of a quantity of hashish anesthetic weighing about 350 grams, and a sum of money, and he admitted possession of narcotic drugs for the purpose of trafficking and the amount of money the proceeds of sale, and the prosecution took over Investigation.

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