Tire .. Landing and the collapse of a concrete slab in a bridge Muharram Bey in Els


11:03 am

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

A sudden landing caused the collapse of concrete parts of the Muharram Bey Bridge in central Alexandria, Thursday morning, central Alexandria, which led to traffic paralysis without causing any injuries or losses.

The Governorate Operations Room received a notification of landing and collapse in Muharram Bey Bridge, and traffic forces and members of the police station, and Major General Fadi Wadih, head of the Wasat neighborhood, moved to the site of the collapse.

The examination showed that there was a landing at the top of the bridge and the collapse of a concrete slab in the passage above the railway, causing traffic paralysis without any injuries or losses to the cars.

The necessary report has been issued at the Muharram Bey police station, and the case is under review by the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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